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lol, you did this quick. Great job, keep it up with the cartoons.

CALIFLOWER responds:

thank you


Seems unfair, but the joking guy would have had a equally shitty life faking his death and going into hiding. Really digging the art style, look forward to seeing more cartoons from you

AlfrescoDick responds:

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

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This was awesome. It's great to see quality content still being uploaded to Newgrounds.

I really enjoy these types of adventure games, as Conker's Bad Fur Day is an all-time favourite of mine. The length of this game was perfect, I enjoyed it the whole way through. The puzzles weren't too easy, but were far from being hard, so it kept it from getting boring or frustrating. The cutscenes were hilarious. The art, animation, sounds and music were all great. This is a memorable game that I will most likely revisit. It seems like you knew exactly what you wanted to achieve with the game and did so with fine results.

I hope to see more content from you in the future.
Also, was this game developed in Flash, or was it another program?

OrangePylon responds:

Wow, that sure is some high praise. Thanks a lot. I wasn't as confident in this game as your review makes me seem, but after the great reception it's gotten over the past month, I'm really glad I followed through with this project. I'm glad I finally got to do something where I could let all my stupid ideas run loose.

I did make this in Flash, yes (CS4, to be precise). I used ActionScript 2.0, which is kind of a dead language, but it got the job done for me since it's all I know.

A masterpiece, what an achievement to get on top of his dick!

ItsTheAshtray responds:

Haha YES

The air horn doesn't make a noise!
I was really excited to play this game, some nice art and such and quite a pleasing game to play but when I saw that air horn it was just... meant to be.

Sorry but this fucking sucks

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Surprisingly relaxing and well-made, great job! I usually get bored seeing "lo-fi beat", but you seemed to make it your own. Also just saw that you're 15 which is surprising, keep going and you could get quite far.

Where have you learned to produce, any good youtubers online? I make stuff here and there, but I'm not very motivated or focused. Any tips?

ALGOfficial responds:

Thanks for the comment :D. I started producing since last year. The first months of producing were actually me looking for every tutorial possible not only on youtube, but other services on internet (i got a one in my country, Poland, and it's called Musoneo). Then i got myself serum and other VST'S (usually free because why not) and i started practicing a lot of sound design, mastering, mixing etc. Anyway, i have the bad days and the good days, as everyone. In the good days, i can do whatever i want with my music. In bad days, i can't do nothing, and i feel like i'm the one of the worst. But the thing to keep being motivated and focused, is in my opinion to not fall apart after seing some "better" music compositions. You have to focus on your own music and get inspired by other people's music. The second thing is to know that music is not a line graph, that goes up everytime. It is based on exercising, listening, creating and mainly, having fun with music. One day you can create a banger, the second day you cannot. I mess around a lot with the sounds, especially when i cannot get any idea. My tips for you are: 1. Don't feel bad after listening to other people's songs, but try to get inspired from them. For example, get yourself a VST like already mentioned Serum, and try to "copy" a sound that you like from a track that you listened, and save it. Having a library of your own sounds is really helpful and fun (you could even sell them in the future). Also, by listening to other music i prefer to change chord progressions or chords, and make it a completely new track in *your* style. 2. Training, training and training - this is the most important part of music industry. Keep uploading your newest tracks, keep producing and eventually you will get better, and better, and better. When i was training, i wasn't just focused on music - i focused on acknowledging what is mastering and why we do that, how to mix correctly (here focus on different parts of mixing : separately study about EQ, vocal mixing etc.) I will give you some VST'S that can help you master, mix, correctly use compressors and other similar plugins. 1. SPAN - a great, free analyzer that can help you balance the track on the finish line. 2. Ozone Imager : a qood quality stereo enchancer 3. TDR Nova : a dynamic EQ that can compress different parts of your track. You use this the same as an equaliser, but here you have the ability to put on dynamics on different frequencies. If you want, i can name a lot more plugins for you.
3. Yes, there are some good youtubers that show some useful tips and can teach you a lot. I usually watch tutorials from: 1.Vories 2. Ed Talenti 3. MayFlwr 4. FL Studio Tips 5. Kyle's Beats
6. ANDREW HUANG 7. In the mix . Also, i watched tutorials and tips from a polish youtuber, so i prefer you did a little research in your country ;)

4. The last tip i have for you is to don't try to find shortcuts by force. Go the longer ways instead. What do i mean by that, is that it's impossible to compose a track, learn or mix in a blink of an eye. There were some times that i tried looking for those shorter ways, and when i realised i couldn't make it that fast, i got kinda depressed, and i even wanted to stop producing because i didn't know what to do. There are some tracks on my soundcloud, that i have been composing for weeks.

Overally: keep producing, even on the bad days. This will make you come up with something. But if you really cannot get an idea, try looking for reference tracks and tutorials on youtube. Mess around with your sounds and focus on things that you want the most. In my example, i wanted my sounds to be organic and i wanted to get my tracks well balanced. So i started watching tutorials, and then slowly getting to designing sounds by creating my own, and then basing on my favourite tracks. Then, i started watching some useful tips on mastering, so i understood what is it about.Of course, it is not the end of the road for me, and i know that i'm not the best. I'm still learining, and i probably won't stop. I hope i helped. Cheers :D

PS: Sorry for the length of this.

Nice, have you messed around with synths much in the past or is this kind of a start for you? It's fun making random soundscapes. I've been experimenting with music for a while, but just half-assed on my computer. You can check this out if you're bored https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/936495

linda-mota responds:

i used to play guitar and piano and pretty much never lost any music knowledge. Yea I grabbed what I could and just kind of making stuff it's fun. i like your stuff too.

Great work on the audition. Did you get the part by any chance?

MrsMeow responds:

Thank you, unfortunately i didn't get the part

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Soz, but nah. feed me

Looks great brother. What program did you draw this in?

ThePivotsXXD responds:

ProCreate on the iPad Pro!

Bro sick, but why you drawing Markiplier? He’s old news

Potatoman responds:

Bite Is 87 This The of

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