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This made me really happy.

I was expecting another bland cartoon that tries too hard to be funny, but this is legitimately incredible.

Good stuff, friend.

That was incredible. I look forward to seeing more of this series. It was admittedly good for a lot of the wrong reasons, but that's not an insult.

I enjoyed the art and animation and the countless scenes of faces being destroyed. The quality would be seen as poor from most, but for an internet animation it's decent and charming. The use of rotoscope animation in certain scenes was also a good touch.

The movie was hilarious, cheesy and didn't make a lot of sense, but it was perfect to me. Great job.

This is amazing

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This was awesome. It's great to see quality content still being uploaded to Newgrounds.

I really enjoy these types of adventure games, as Conker's Bad Fur Day is an all-time favourite of mine. The length of this game was perfect, I enjoyed it the whole way through. The puzzles weren't too easy, but were far from being hard, so it kept it from getting boring or frustrating. The cutscenes were hilarious. The art, animation, sounds and music were all great. This is a memorable game that I will most likely revisit. It seems like you knew exactly what you wanted to achieve with the game and did so with fine results.

I hope to see more content from you in the future.
Also, was this game developed in Flash, or was it another program?

OrangePylon responds:

Wow, that sure is some high praise. Thanks a lot. I wasn't as confident in this game as your review makes me seem, but after the great reception it's gotten over the past month, I'm really glad I followed through with this project. I'm glad I finally got to do something where I could let all my stupid ideas run loose.

I did make this in Flash, yes (CS4, to be precise). I used ActionScript 2.0, which is kind of a dead language, but it got the job done for me since it's all I know.

A masterpiece, what an achievement to get on top of his dick!

ItsTheAshtray responds:

Haha YES

The air horn doesn't make a noise!
I was really excited to play this game, some nice art and such and quite a pleasing game to play but when I saw that air horn it was just... meant to be.

Sorry but this fucking sucks

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Great work on the audition. Did you get the part by any chance?

MrsMeow responds:

Thank you, unfortunately i didn't get the part

Oh hell yeah! This is where it's at my fellow soldiers, dig in. There's so much going on here, I would love to hear some tracks!

fucking nice beat

wandschrank responds:


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Back in action

SpoonFullTits responds:

back in faction

I admire the loose form and vibrancy of your work. What do you generally use in terms of digital software or materials?

Nyogosz responds:

Mainly photoshop.

Great work man. all of these poses are well made and extremely vibrant.
Hope to see some 2017 submissions.

JKSSN responds:

oh hai harri! Been really busy with work so never really have that much of a chance in drawing in my spare time. Ill try to thpugh whenever I can!

Good griddling grolf. I like poo and golf. Good gronk. Big tronk. Griddle. Piddle. I don't look like Malcolm in the Middle.

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